About Money These Things You May Don’t Know

We use money every day, everywhere and every time but there also many facts and incidents have a concern with the money and may be that you don’t know. In beginning, money was in form of coins which was made of some precious metal. And after 1862, money has another form and it is known as paper money but actually, it’s not paper, it is a cotton.!

Money is a currency instead of old barter systems and all country have their own coins and currency notes. All people have fantasies and love for money and all people want it.

Here are some interesting facts about money.

£1,000,000 note

In 1948, Bank of England issued the largest note which had a value of £1,000,000. It was issued as a temporary measure during the postwar reconstruction in the Marshall Plan. Designed by U.S. government for use but the notes were canceled after just a few months. It was allowing very few to escape these notes into private hands. In 2008, one of two known notes fetched around $120,000 at the auction.

Most Expensive Thing Built

The International Space Station

With the money, the most expensive thing built is The International Space Station. At a cost of $160 billion dollars, it is most expensive thing built ever and nothing other place or object have near a cost. It’s 239 feet long, 356 feet wide and 66 feet high. There is a more than of 15,000 cubic feet of space inside, and weight is 419,455 kg.

Most Favorite Fantasy

People think about money more than any other topic. It doesn’t matter that person is rich or poor, he/she always think about money. Because all need money and want to fulfill their wishes and dreams. So, undoubtedly money is the topic which is most time thinking by people in the world. People have more fantasy about money than sex or hobbies.

McDonald’s Daily Revenue


McDonald’s is a most earning franchise and it makes about $75 million dollars worldwide daily. This figure is highest of any food restaurant and many companies.McDonald’s has more than 36,615 outlets worldwide.

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Billion Dollar Eater Rats

Columbian Drug Lord ‘Pablo Escobar’ was one of the richest drug traffickers. He had lots of money that every year rats ate $1 billion in cash. $1 billion every year!!!

Gambling Industry


What you think, which industry generates most bucks? Hmm, the answer is ‘Gambling industry’. Gambling is generating more money than film, music, high-end concerts and events, sports, theme parks, airlines and etc. If combine these all, that also more figure is about gambling.

Monopoly Money

There is more Monopoly board game’s money than real money printed every year in the US. The maker of Monopoly game Parker bros., says that they print more than $30 billion money.

Monopoly Money

Money With Drug

90 percent of US paper money carries traces of cocaine and other drugs. It’s a reason maybe that every bill has been rolled up and used to snort drugs or that money handling and tracking where your currency originated, traveled and has ended up.

ATM Into The Bathtub

World’s first ATM’s idea come into the bathtub. Its inventor is John Shepherd, while soaking in a bathroom came ATM idea in his mind. He pitched the device to the British bank and bank accepted immediately and the first ATM was built and installed in London in 1967. But in that time, ATM card with magnetic coding was not invented.

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Inflation Nation

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai issued a $100 trillion note to deal with the nation’s hyperinflation. Some weeks later, the leaders decided to back the hugely devalued Zimbabwean dollar and allow to people to use other currencies to do businesses.

Dirty Notes

Dirty Notes

Paper notes are also using in laundering, smuggling, illegal trades and many other illegal activities. So money is dirtier than you think. It is also being a cause of many viruses, bacterias and other micro-organisms that are a cause of various flu, infections, and many diseases. So be careful!

8000 Folds

Any currency note folded average 8000 times in its lifetime.

8% Physical Money

We are living in the digital world and that is a fact that only 85 money is physical money now in the whole world. Rest is stored in computers as the digital money.  Online shopping and trading are increasing day by day so rest money is transfer in other accounts with a computer or a smartphone, and probably that money we will never actually see or touch.


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