Top 10 Countries With World’s Best Programmers

That is a surprise, home of innovations and new technology, world’s most important and largest IT companies’ home the USA is not in the top-10 list. It has ranked 28 and after the USA, UK is on 29. They are behind to Japan, Canada, South Korea, Chile, Australia, etc. Another majority of developers’ country, India is on 31st rank. And undoubted Russia and China are in top positions.

Developers are scored and ranked based on a combination of their accuracy and speed. Here are top 10 countries which have world’s best programmers(developers).

10- Italy

In C++, database, tutorials categories Italy ranked top scores and it is impressive position in this list. Apple announced a new school for 600 programmers at The University of Napoli Federico II on the coast of Italy.

9- Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is 1st in shell and 2nd in mathematics it makes its 9th rank in the list.  Czech developers showed an outsized preference for shell competitions, a domain in which they ranked number one.

8- France

French programmers are top in C++ challenges and programming, algorithm and data structure challenges. France began offering programming classes in elementary schools in June 2014.

7- Taiwan

Taiwan scored functional programming, database, algorithm, and data structure challenges. Python is the dominant language in Taiwan.

6- Japan

Japan has top rank in Artificial Intelligence and Ruby language. Japan also ahead in mathematics, data structure, and functional programming. Japan is very advanced in Artificial Intelligence and programming languages.

5- Hungary

Hungary comes in at no. 5 with C++, Java, Shell languages and tops in performance on tutorial challenges. Hungary was one of the first European countries to adopt computer programming classes into their schools.

4- Switzerland

Switzerland has good scores in Java, Algorithm, Tutorials, SQL, Functional programming, Ruby, and Security. It is on top in the Database category. Switzerland is birthplace one of the first programming languages ‘Pascal’.

3- Poland

Poland has a top position in Java. It has good ranks in Tutorials, Algorithms, Shell, Python, Ruby languages.  Like many of the other countries on this list, Poland also offers coding classes in their schools.

2- Russia

Russia dominant the Algorithms category. It has good ranks in Data Structure, Functional Programming, SQL and Java, Python, C++ languages. Russia has many most talented developers.

1- China

Just barely edging out Russia, China came in at no. 1 for the best performing computer programmers on HackerRank overall. When it comes to specific types of challenges, China is the best in a data structure, mathematics, and functional programming.


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